Good Morning... from Astypalaia!

The breakfast which our experienced Saluti da Stampalia Suites team lovingly and carefully prepares each morning greets our guests in the very best and healthiest way. Every morning our guests are invited to taste breakfast with the flavours and aromas of Astypalaia, fresh produce and local delicacies, with a view of the infinite blue of the Aegean and the sunlit castle of Chora.

Abandon yourself to this special place which will carry your senses on a journey of discovery of its gastronomic heritage, the simple charm of authentic dishes and fruits of our land. Wake to the smell of freshly-baked bread, and strong coffee from selected varieties. Try our traditional home-made pies, and specialised local recipes and unique local Astypalaia cheeses. Taste our home-made jams and fresh seasonal fruits. Savour our local thyme honey and mountain tea. Discover the taste of Astypalaia, discover a different cultural experience.

Cheers... to the South Aegean

Every wine has its own history and carries the secrets of the place where it is born. You discover something new in every sip, voyaging to its secret corners, savouring its aromas and recognising its own beauty.

In the belief that wine carries its sensory uniqueness, the special aroma of its place of origin, our own sommelier has created a list of carefully selected wines from the region of the Southern Aegean, whose flavour and colour embody the hot dry climate, the abundance of sunlight and the sea breezes.

Our guests will be privileged to taste a variety of wonderful wines in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, breathing in the soothing salt air of the Aegean, marveling at the beauty of the natural environment.