Welcome to the world of Saluti da Stampalia Suites!

A world framed by the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea and the intense light which floods this small, pure white land, our beloved island of Astypalaia. Each and every corner of Saluti da Stampalia Suites breathes out the hospitable spirit of its creators, whose unique vision was to appeal to guests through their senses, and to bring them into an easy harmony with the natural environment of the island. The newly-built complex Saluti da Stampalia Suites has been designed with meticulous care, with an emphasis on both exterior and interior spaces, in a style which is simple and unpretentious.

In order to create a smooth transition between traditional and contemporary styles, interior and exterior spaces are designed to respond to and to embrace the unique natural beauty and the traditional architecture of the island. Natural light floods every corner of the buildings, our guests are gently caressed by the cool sea breezes. Local materials, wood and stone, architectural features such as flat roofs, smooth curves and cubic shapes represent the cultural identity of the island within a contemporary aesthetic.

What we at Saluti da Stampalia Suites aim to create is more than a special escape where visitors can enjoy the fabulous panorama over the Aegean and Chora, while have the pleasure of a welcoming private space with personalised services. The stay provides the ‘gate’ through which guests can discover local treasures, join in the cultural and community life of the island, and feel that they, too, are a part of Astypalaia. And when the time comes to say their goodbyes, they will make a heartfelt promise:

Saluti Astypalaia! We will come back to you!