Astypalaia’s landscape and coastline are both captivating and timeless - but like all-natural environments are also fragile and under threat.

At Saluti Da Stampalia Suites, we commit ourselves strongly to the protection of the environment and the conservation of our island’s natural and cultural heritage. We are proud to be a family business and we are passionate about making sure our beautiful island is here to enjoy for generations to come. The expectation we have of ourselves is to provide our guests with the perfect stay, knowing that their holiday environment is being cared for by us in as many ways as we can.

Saluti Da Stampalia Suites has integrated its initiatives under three key focus areas namely, Environmental Care & Protection (Saluti Go Eco), Support & Strengthening of Local Economy & Entrepreneurship (Saluti Go Local), and Preservation & Dissemination of the island’s unique Cultural Heritage (Saluti Go Unique).

Environmental Care & Protection. Saluti GO ECO.

- The design of the building follows the bioclimatic principles so as to facilitate natural ventilation from summer breezes, deflect strong winds, and provide sufficient ambient daylight.

- Effective energy management by the use of automated outdoor lighting, energy-saving lamps/appliances/switches, smart air-conditioning controllers, and the installation of a charging station for electric vehicles.

- Efficient water management through a central water filtration system so as to ensure quality water and the longevity of water-using appliances.  

- Sustainable waste management by the alternative use of coffee waste, the use of recycled coffee capsules, the recycling of food residuals, the replacement of plastic packaging with reusable and biodegradable materials, and the sorting of waste.

- Practice safe sanitation & cleaning by using certified environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning products.

- Sustainable laundry operation by being provided with fresh linens and towels laundered in an environmentally friendly manner and implementing a towel and linen reuse program.

- Sustainable gardening by developing an organic herb garden.



Support & Strengthening of Local Economy & Entrepreneurship. Saluti GO LOCAL.


- Collaboration with locally-based small-scale businesses for the provision of supplies and services.

- Adoption of sustainable food practices by focusing on local sourcing of ingredients and products, production of homemade goods, and organizing our breakfast menu after the principles of the Astypalean cuisine: the changing seasons, freshness, sustainability, and local produce.

- Promotion of Social responsibility & Responsible employment by collaborating with local craftsmen and technicians, employing local staff, and investing in employee training.

- Community Engagement & Involvement as owners live and operate their small business on the island and take pride in the community of which they are part.


Preservation & Dissemination of Astypalaia’s Unique Cultural Heritage. Saluti GO UNIQUE.

- Enhance cultural and historical awareness by informing visitors about the island’s history and the local cultural initiatives and festivals, as well as the available archaeological and cultural-themed tours.

- Promotion of the recognition of the local gastronomy as cultural heritage by integrating local food and culinary traditions into the visitor’s experience of the island through the regionally inspired breakfast and the organization of dinner events that showcase local tastes and flavors and their connection to the island’s history.

- Reinforcement of cultural traditions & practices by maintaining a small multilingual library, a local music collection, photo albums & engravings of Astypalaia, by actively supporting the municipal library and the local sports club, and participating in the initiatives of the Cultural & Educational Association of Astypalaia.